3535 Delree Street

West Columbia, SC 29170

Charles Swann, Pastor-Teacher

A Reformed Church

Biblical Education Classes - 9:30 AM

Why do you believe the Bible?

Is the Bible the only infallible source of Truth?

How do you witness to a Jehovah Witness, Mormon, or Roman Catholic?

What does the Bible say about man and his problems?

Why can’t Christians trust psychology?

Can the Bible be practical in daily life in this day and age?

Where does the drunkard, the drug addict, the depressed, the sick, the lonely, the broken families, even those who suffer from chronic pain turn for help and healing?

What difference do your beliefs make anyway?

Come and learn with us the answers to these and many other questions at Covenant Baptist’s Biblical Education.

What is your world view?

Creation or Evolution?

Does a person who commits suicide go to heaven or hell?