3535 Delree Street

West Columbia, SC 29170

Charles Swann, Pastor-Teacher

Sunday December 10, 2017

The service time change was approved, and will be in effect on the first Sunday of the new year: January 7th, 2018. With the change, our biblical education hour will begin at 9:30, and the worship service will begin at 10:30.

December 16th from 9-12 we will have a meeting regarding security of the church led by Mr. Russ Wheat. We are asking that all men and women who have a CWP and are willing to participate in learning our church security plan to make plans to attend. This is a very important meeting for the future protection of the church.

December 17th will be our Christmas dinner following Worship. We will also be having Baptisms following worship before dinner.

The Lords Supper will be on Sunday Dec. 24th.

Starting the new year as we launch our new times of Bible Ed and worship, we will be offering some new classes. Alton will be leading a video series by Erwin Lutzer on “God’s Devil,” a biblical look at the sovereign and providential use of the Devil by God. The pastor will be leading a class that he will teach on systematic theology. The book will be “Biblical Doctrine: A Systematic Summary in Bible Truth.” If you would like to purchase a copy for the class, please let the pastor know. Also, there are signup sheets for both classes.

We have a texting service that the elders use to quickly let you know about important church matters and prayer requests. If you would like to make sure you are receiving these messages, write your name and mobile number on a piece of paper and put it in the offering box. We will send you a text message letting you know that you have been added. Those texts will come from this phone number: 888-935-4232.

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